Game of the Show - PC Gamer Weekender 2018

Stoned Monkey Radio

The Only Place To Be In An Apocalypse


beautiful, charming, and wonderfully fun

Stoned Monkey Radio

Welcome to Basingstoke!

Basingstoke has been destroyed and the ruins are now full of reanimated undead and ferocious alien monsters!

Are you the only survivor? Explore Basingtoke to find out!

Sneak through the smouldering streets and buildings of Basingstoke, scavenge as you go, and craft equipment to help you in your mission...

Basingstoke is the only game where kebabs can be used as weaponry, and you can loot sausage rolls off of undead policemen!

Can you escape from Basingstoke?

Basingstoke is a unique blend of sneaky stealth and arcade action, with a distinctive style that mixes cute 3d graphics with terrifying tension!

Basingstoke may look sweet but the action is serious

a cute and surprisingly solid survival action game


10 Top-Rated Attractions in Basingstoke!

What is there to do on a visit to Basingstoke? More than you can imagine!

Everyone has heard of Basingstoke, home to headquarters of OmniCorp and its largest research facility, but what else does it have to offer?

  • Basingstoke Museum - there's always something new to see!
  • Ming Vases Exhibition - please be careful when taking that selfie!
  • The Sewer Works - enjoy a guided tour of our sewage pumps and clarifiers!
  • Basingstoke Police Station - the iconic facade is instantly recognisable!
  • Pubs - relax and unwind in one of our 'traditional-style' pubs.
  • Shopping - visit an OmniMart supermarket, or try an automated OmniMart 24-7!
  • OmniRail - the new underground line connects Basingstoke with Slough and Reading!
  • OmniRail Control Centre - come and see how we keep those trains running on time!

Do you have happy memories of your time in Basingstoke?

You can see more Postcards from Basingstoke at our Tourist Information Office!

Thinking of relocating to Basingstoke?

Basingstoke is renowned for its charming mix of hand crafted and procedurally generated features. It also has all the comforts you'd expect of any large town!

Pay-and-Display car parks are located throughout Basingstoke for your convenience, and our extensive use of roadsigns, railings and traffic lights will make driving a pleasure. We even have signs for pedestrians too!

Busy day at the office? Why not try sitting on a bench? Relax, safe in the knowledge that litter bins are often placed nearby.

Book your trip to Basingstoke today!


In the unlikely event of an undead apocalypse , alien invasion and/or droid uprising, remember:

Step 1. Identify the threat


Slow, but quite bitey.


Fast, and extremely bitey.


Completely safe, not bitey.

Step 2. Take action

HIDE! Avoid contact, an attack can be fatal!

SCAVENGE! Collect any common household items you find.

DISTRACT! Objects can be thrown to create diversions.

BUILD! Use what you scavenge to craft new equipment.

FIGHT! Use weapons that you find or craft to strike back!

RUN AWAY! If all else fails, run like hell!

Basingstoke: Home of OmniCorp



Capture those special moments with the latest Omni Inst-O-Matic point and shoot camera!


* Batteries not included

OmniCorp is Everywhere....
...and the heart of OmniCorp, OmniCorp HQ, is right here in Basingstoke!

OmniCorp make everything, from sausage rolls to hi-tech military hardware!

Ever eaten a kebab? Of course you have!

That irresistible filling would have come from one of OmniCorp's giant automated meat processing plants. You probably drank a delicious can of OmniCorp UltraBrew beforehand!

Sandwiches, hairspray, water, - all made by OmniCorp!


The Future is on your face!

OmniGlass wearable GPS technology - so discreet, you'll forget you're even wearing them!


* Warranty void if equipment modified.

Do It Yourself, with OmniCorp!

OmniCorp has always been a big name in construction. Now you too can 'DIY' with the our new commerical range of tools and power tools!

Need a quick fix? Try OmniCorp Stick-O Tape. It's amazing what you can craft with a bit of Stick-O, some scrap and bits of old pipe!

Here's some we made ealier...

Basingstoke Collectibles!

Ultratron Steam gubbins

The Royal Mint have issued a special Limited Edition commemorative set of Basingstoke themed coins to celebrate The Apocalypse. 1p, 2p, 10p, 20p and 50p coins can be yours, as well as an especially shiny pound coin. Collect them all on Steam, and a full range of achievements, trading cards, profile backgrounds and emoticons!

Can you escape from Basingstoke?


The more I play, the more I dig Basingstoke

Seb Nunez, Patron

The game is great and keeps getting better!

Zyrix, Patron

Absolutely loving this game... I play it far too much every day!

Paul Hunnisett, Patron