for Windows, Mac and Linux


It might look all retro-cute, but in action it's a startling torrent of motion and alien death.

a mighty fine RTS romp!

the sheer scale of the chaos on screen makes it more than just enjoyable, its essential.

The invasion has landed!

what you get when you inject some real indie love into a tired genre - style, innovation, experimentation and instant playability.

At first they came from the skies. In the ensuing war, Earth was laid waste, but we had won...

But that was just the first strike - now the invasion has landed! Defeat the returning Titan horde in a series of epic ground battles, save the Earth, again, and command the counterstrike against their homeworld!

Construct and command your ground defences in a series of increasingly massive battles across the solar system, in our frenetic arcade mash-up of Real Time Strategy and Tower Defence!

Take a visit to R&D to discover the latest technology, then build a network of blaster turrets, rocket launchers and laser cannon, explosives, barricades and shield generators, refineries and reactors, and send forth your own droid army to battle the invading alien forces!

Research. Build. Fight back!

Create, Share, Compete!

with the Revenge of the Titans level & campaign editor

Create your battlefield, choose your Titan adversaries and select your weapons and tech with the online editor! Add mission briefings to your levels to create custom campaigns!

Publish your levels and campaigns to share them online!

Play community built levels & campaigns!

Compete for hiscores!


Yeti Attack!

Can you survive an onslaught of Yeti Titans on the planet Hoff?

  • 4 species of hairy Hoff Titan Yetis
  • 4 big woolly angry Titan types
  • Special Hoff flavoured Mammoth MegaTitan
  • Snow FX and wintery landscape
  • Xmas stats and victory screen

Play the special free Xmas game mode between 19th December and 8th January!

Revenge of the Titans Steam gubbins

And on Steam!

Titan Attacks comes with all the Steam gubbins...

  • 47 achievements
  • 5 trading cards to collect, with badges, emoticons and 3 Steam page backgrounds to unlock
  • Cloud save support
  • Steam Friends hiscores
  • FREE STEAM KEY for existing customers

Half tower defence, half RTS, all awesome.

a shining example of indie innovation.... 9/10 Excellent

an incredibly charming and witty game...

one of the best, if not the best, tower defence game I have played.

fast and fluid and enthusiastically punishing

a clever, huge and charming strategy game ... likely to suck away fat globules of your time before you know what's happened.

lays on the polish, coats it with a huge dollop of customization, and files it off with some seriously hectic gameplay.

fast, frantic and always keeping you on your toes

a game with fantastic panache and appeal... utmost polish and design depth

plays so smoothly and addictively that I find myself seeing murderous Titans in my sleep.

It's very easy to lose yourself for hours... Revenge of the Titans is quite simply great fun

visually stunning... a gorgeous-looking game... certainly something that's refreshing to see

its solid, tactical gameplay will keep fans entertained for a long time.

Revenge of the Titans is a nearly perfect game. It will annihilate all of your free time for as long as you're consumed by it.

a great take on the RTS/Tower Defense genre with absolutely beautiful retro-inspired graphics and hours of fun.

a retro-tinged title with a striking visual style and hardcore aesthetic... striking, gorgeous and brutally challenging.

for Windows, Mac and Linux